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in development

REMOTE – Post-Apocalyptic Drama/Thriller, Award Winning, Live Action TV Series (Pitch)

In the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Scandinavia, the last hope for civilisation rests on a small community of survivors and two men’s mission to save a pregnant woman from a deranged cult of child soldiers. Operating akin to an ‘event’ series, Remote delivers in each season a breathtaking narrative with a defined beginning, middle and end, and few loose ends remaining. Suffice to say, the result is a story that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, before landing a powerful ending that will make the series stand out amongst the crowd.

Island Nation – Coming of Age Drama, Screenplay

A North Sentinelese tribesman’s journey into manhood and chiefdom, as his tribe come into contact with the outside world. Based on true events.

Luna Force – Sci-Fi Comedy, Feature Film, Screenplay

Chester Planck, with his ragtag maintenance crew must hold together their minds and a spacecraft, floating in lunar orbit, ready to send a new mission to Mars, any cracks could lead to total disaster.

I’m in Love with a Serial Killer – Comedy Horror, Stop-Motion, Award Winning screenplay (short)

A seemingly undateable man’s luck is turned around when he meets the perfect woman. Little does he know, she’s a serial killer of men…

The King of Spades – Drama, Feature Film

Five years after secondary school, two best friends reunite. One has a promising life and career, the other is a frustrated, depressed and dangerous mess.

concept art & design

Waiting for Anya, Film Brochure – print design.

– Highfield Grange Studios

Ab-Lib – Psychological Thriller, Screenplay

Creative directors put a show together with the idea of exploring the human mind and how far it can be pushed, the actress whom becomes their test subject will end up pushing them to the limits in this mind blowing production. Artwork – Dean Ashley Wood

Lazenby – Automotive Photographer.

Branding design and social animation

Concerto for Three Cities – Steampunk Historical Fiction, Ebook, by Emily Owen

As android composer ‘The Mechanical Maestro’ accompanies his master, Lord Leyton, on his travels across the Continent, he is faced with difficult decisions when his master’s past threatens to catch up with him.

Concept art for a short film – ‘Edna’ written by Jake Bare
75th VE Day Tribute. Design and social animation